A real drum kit for playing in virtual reality

Project: Battery simulation in virtual reality

Year: 2018

Technologies: Virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift

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THE CASE _ Musadrums produces customised or limited edition drums.

During the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, the customer wanted to give everyone the chance to try out a very special product, namely the world’s most expensive battery made from wood from barrels of balsamic vinegar from Modena; However, precisely because of the value of the object and its uniqueness, he was afraid that it might be ruined;

THE SOLUTION _ We proposed to the customer a virtual reality experience, via the Oculus Rift visor, that would allow anyone to play the precious drum kit without the risk of damaging the original.

For this purpose, the said drum kit was reproduced in virtual reality and spatially matched with a real electronic drum kit, on which the sounds of the real drum kit were loaded;

In order to make the experience even more intense and immersive, the virtual reality experience showed the battery inside an acetaia in Modena;

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