AR for laboratory guided procedures

An augmented reality application designed to assist laboratory technicians in performing complex and detailed procedures. This software, compatible with lightweight AR viewers, allows technicians to interact with procedures without having to consult paper manuals or digital documents. In testing laboratories, where procedures can be lengthy and complex, the app reduces the likelihood of errors, especially for less experienced operators. Augmented reality is particularly useful for accredited laboratories that need to document tests or demonstrate tests performed correctly with calibrated instruments. Augmented reality for laboratory procedures thus offers an innovative approach to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and simplify documentation.   

Strategic advantages




The visual and interactive instructions provided by the software reduce the likelihood of errors when performing procedures. Details visible with the AR viewer guide the technician through each step clearly and accurately, ensuring that each action is performed correctly 

The software is especially useful for new technicians, enabling them to learn complex procedures in a shorter time. Visual guides eliminate the need to memorize manuals or complex steps, speeding up the training process .

Technicians can perform procedures more smoothly and efficiently because they can follow instructions directly from the AR viewer without having to interrupt tasks to consult separate documents. This reduces downtime and increases productivity

The system records every action and interaction during the execution of the procedure. This provides detailed documentation of what was done, which can be useful for traceability, performance analysis, and regulatory compliance. 

During sensitive operations, the software can provide real-time feedback. For example, if the technician is handling chemicals or delicate tools incorrectly, the system can issue visual or audible alerts to prevent accidents

Reducing errors and improving efficiency helps reduce costs associated with damage, scrap, and rework. This leads to long-term savings for the company.

Technicians can feel more confident in performing complex procedures because of the visual support offered by the software. This contributes to improved morale and overall team effectiveness

In the event of unexpected situations or last-minute changes in procedures, the software can be updated to provide additional or revised instructions to technicians in real time, ensuring appropriate response to emergency situations.

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