Assisted maintenance and installation in Augmented Reality

Assisted maintenance in Augmented Reality and installation are innovative approaches in industry that take advantage of devices such as AR glasses, tablets or smartphones to overlay digital information on top of the real world. This provides detailed, visual instructions during processes such as maintenance, installation and general operation. Real-time visualization of instructions, schematics and technical data makes it easier to locate components, perform complex procedures and identify potential problems. This improves efficiency, reduces human error, and shortens installation and maintenance time due to the contextualized information provided by the augmented reality interface

This application, which can be integrated with existing ticketing software or customized according to business needs, can be used internally or directly by the end customer. Augmented reality reduces errors during production by guiding operators through the correct procedures in detail and without risk of forgetting or misinterpreting instructions. Augmented reality in the Industrial 4.0 environment is a powerful tool for optimizing processes and improving business performance. 

Strategic advantages




Assisted maintenance software provides clear and detailed instructions to operators during the maintenance process and during routine operations, reducing the risk of errors and accelerating task completion.

With visual guidance and real-time instructions provided by augmented reality, operators can identify and solve problems more quickly, thereby reducing equipment downtime or optimizing timelines for general operations

The contextualized information offered by the software enables operators to perform maintenance, installation or routine operations more accurately and precisely, improving the overall quality of repairs

Assisted maintenance software can collect data on maintenance activities, enabling the company to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make evidence-based decisions

Augmented reality enables less experienced operators to perform complex maintenance tasks by following detailed instructions, reducing dependence on highly skilled personnel.

Visual instructions can include safety warnings and procedures to follow, reducing the risk of accidents and providing a safer work environment

Augmented reality assisted maintenance software is designed to operate without the need for a constant Internet connection. This is because all necessary information, such as maintenance instructions, technical data and visual guides, are previously integrated into the software itself.

Use Case: example of
real application

BM Service - Assisted Maintenance in Augmented Reality

BM Service is a company that deals with the rental and sale of office machines, printing products, IT and web services. The company asked us to develop an assisted maintenance app for mobile devices that could be installed on the smartphones of customers who would rent a multifunction copier. The purpose of the app, originally, was to reduce the number of technical service requests for easily solved issues: customers would then use the app, instead of requesting a technician, for toner or tub changes, or for any sheets jammed in the machine. During the preliminary analysis, with a focus on the operations that the customer could have performed on their own, aided only by the assisted maintenance app, we realized that about 80 percent of the issues were solvable without the intervention of a technician, greatly saving the company money and less downtime for the customer.

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