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An application in augmented reality by assisted maintenance, whether it is designed for smartphone or for AR viewers, allows maintenance technicians to have at their fingertips a checklist interactive and contextual which reduces the possibility of human error to zero, fills in any gaps that the technician may have relative to a specific machine or plant, and allows even a new hire to be operational right away.

With object recognition or through markers, this solution allows immediate recall of wiring diagrams and instruction manuals, videos, and lists of procedures for proper maintenance.

Through the same solution, which can be distributed on the official iOS and Android stores, an owner’s manual can be created entirely in augmented reality. Also the end user,
totally untrained, will thus be able to take independent action in maintenance operations, avoiding downtime and without engaging specialized technicians.

Choose the Freeway® MES system to:


Procedures are triggered by marker orobject recognition, negating the possibility of user error. The displayed checklist can include text, pictures and indicators that identify a specific part of the product that requires maintenance, showing exactly which screw to unscrew, which door to open, etc.


The task performed can be saved in the cloud so that the software can schedule the next one. In this way, even a different technician can know exactly what was done in theprevious intervention, and when.


A CMS can be integrated with the solution, with which companies can add and update procedures: the know-how of technicians thus remains the company's assets.The cloud allows all devices to be synchronized, with no need for manual updates.

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