Augmented Reality Catalog 

An augmented reality application, designed as a catalog for smartphones or other mobile devices, allows users to view and browse 3D models of products, superimposing them on the real world via the device’s camera.

For businesses, this augmented reality catalog offers technical details, customization options and product information. By integrating links to B2B and B2C e-commerce, the app simplifies the buying process, offering an innovative shopping experience. In addition, it can be linked to the existing print catalog, using image recognition to immediately overlay 3D models corresponding to the framed pages. This smart approach combines the traditional catalog and the digital version, offering users a fluid experience that combines the real world with augmented reality innovation, making it easier to access information and purchase products


Strategic advantages




Augmented reality creates an immersive and interactive viewing experience for customers, increasing the attractiveness of products and generating interest. In addition, users can explore products interactively, personalizing them and viewing them live before purchase, thus enhancing the shopping experience.

The use of advanced technologies such as augmented reality can distinguish a company from its competitors by demonstrating a commitment to innovation and delivering superior customer experiences

3D visualization of products with the ability to purchase directly via links to e-commerce stimulates sales, simplifying the buying process for customers. The same platform can be used to engage B2B partners, enabling product visualization in industrial settings and facilitating custom orders. The software can collect data on user behavior, enabling the company to gain insights into customer preferences and drive datadriven business decisions

Users can customize products by selecting specific options through the app, allowing them to view the product exactly as they want it

Users can view products realistically and at 1:1 scale through augmented reality, increasing purchase conviction and reducing returns

Explore the future of shopping with augmented reality catalog. 3D products, customization and facilitated purchase on B2B and B2C e-commerce. 

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