Augmented reality for logistics assistance 


Augmented reality for logistics assistance combines virtual elements with the real environment, optimizing operations and accuracy for the industry. Designed for devices such as smartphones or AR viewers, it provides interactive visual data to logistics personnel.   

  • Logistics Info Visualization: Shows crucial data such as shipment location and storage in real time through augmented reality.  
  • Object Detection: Uses the camera on the viewer or smartphone to identify physical objects such as pallets, packages or crates.   
  • Virtual Annotations: Integrates extra data such as handling instructions and package dimensions, providing immediate details without the need for separate manuals, including integration with existing ERPs.   
  • Navigation and Guidance: Guides operators with visual instructions and contextual spatial references, improving efficiency through shelf, aisle or package location highlights on the destination pallet.   

Strategic advantages




The use of virtual elements superimposed on the physical environment enables more accurate monitoring and control of logistics operations. This leads to more efficient management of workflows, improving processing times and reducing waste.

The direct display of instructions, contextual spatial references, and package information dramatically reduces human errors during the handling and transportation of goods. This contributes to greater accuracy and reduces the likelihood of costly errors. 

Visual navigation through the logistics environment optimizes operators movements, reducing search times and improving the efficiency of picking, warehousing and shipping activities. 

The ability to view real-time data on goods, location, and shipment status enables better planning and resource management. This helps make quick and informed decisions to avoid delays and problems. Augmented reality software can record data on operator utilization and performance. This data can be analyzed to identify areas for improvement, optimize workflows, and increase overall operational efficiency

The use of augmented reality in logistics can ensure timely and accurate deliveries, improving the overall customer experience. Efficient logistics service contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The adoption of advanced technologies such as augmented reality demonstrates a commitment to innovation and the adoption of modern solutions. This significantly improves the company’s image in the eyes of customers, suppliers and business partners. In addition, by reducing waste, optimizing routes, and improving the accuracy of operations, augmented reality contributes to more sustainable practices in logistics, reducing environmental impact and positively influencing corporate ESG values.  

Use Case: example of real application

Smartlog - MIXPALL Project

For Smartlog, a company that specializes in logistics automation, we created AR glasses software that can guide an operator in picking and packing a mixed pallet.

While MIXPALL, Smartlog’s software, can independently design the composition of the mixed pallet according to the size, weight and capacity of each package, there is an operator at the end of the line who will receive the packages in the correct order. The operator wears AR glasses with Eurosystem’s software to recognize the correct package by looking at the barcode or QR code, and simply by looking at the target pallet, the outline of the package in the exact position and orientation will be displayed on the glasses. This software reduces human errors in mixed pallet production to zero and significantly increases the speed of work, representing a real revolution in the industry, from GDO to warehouses in manufacturing industries.

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