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We provide you with all the Business Analytics tools to help you deepen your knowledge of the company: Business Intelligence, Management Control, and CRM.

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Solutions and consultancy to make the most of Business Analytics

The Eurosystem Group designs and supplies Business Analytics systems and specialized consultancy to help companies have a clear overview of their situation and keep growing every day by making the most out of data.

Business Intelligence _ Investments, forecasts, market choices: how to make the right decisions? Information fragmentation makes it difficult to fully exploit data to your advantage. Companies need software that offers a unified view of information to support decision-making.

Business Intelligence will allow you to have total corporate control, check trends, make forecasts, and improve performance by transforming data into value.

With the help of our BI team consultancy, you will add value and transform data into useful and easy-to-interpret information to identify new relationships, streamline and make faster decisions based on constantly updated data.

Choose the support of our Business Intelligence team to :

Receive specialized advice on Business Intelligence

Enhance corporate data by transforming it into strategic information

Monitor company trends

Have a precise overview of the company's performance (also accessible on the move from the app)

Make predictions and make strategic decisions based on analytics

Track information in real-time

Explore data with drill-down functionality

Have a complete view of the data, even if coming from different sources, in the cloud and on-premise

Access dashboards that transform data into maps, charts, and indicators that are easy to read and interpret

Consult corporate data from any device and depending on the user's role

Management Control – Freeway® Management Control _ Freeway® Management Control is an advanced application that collects, processes, and stores valuable information to help you manage the business at best.

With Freeway® Management Control, the management accounting tool that supports Management decision-making, you will be able to apply management control’s principles without any specialist training. Freeway® Management Control will simplify process management by helping users with the responsibility tasks necessary to achieve the objectives.

The application adapts to different degrees of complexity and is, therefore, suitable for a large variety of companies.

The main functions of the Freeway® Management Control application are :

Traditional management or through ABC (Activity Based Costing) analysis

Allocation of costs/revenues to various types of destinations through the management of calculation objects

Connection with general ledger and various business processes

Distribution of costs/revenues managed by Overturning Paths which allows for the definition of destinations and parallel distributions of the same value

Data import from external management or departmental solutions based on standard files such as XML, CSV, etc.

Budget management integrated into the system

Final balance and analysis of deviations through specific reports

CRM – Management Software Freeway® CRM _ Freeway® CRM is Eurosystem’s customizable business software for customer relationship management. Its web-based platform has been designed both for internal use and to support the activity of your company’s sales and marketing officials.

In fact, with the Freeway® CRM management software, you can consult the global situation of all contacts, classify them by type and interest and monitor the activities carried out, starting from orders, payments, agreements, and contracts up to the evaluation of the results achieved. Connecting to the e-mail marketing platforms, the CRM allows you to automate the segmentation of customers and prospects, integrate customers’ data, and manage campaigns.

The company CRM’s integration with accounting and operational data will guarantee you to obtain advanced and integrated reporting via Freeway® Business Intelligence!

Choose Freeway® CRM management software to:

Manage contacts, potential customers, actual customers, and ERP

Integrate accounting and management data (ERP) and relationship data (CRM)

Easily find customer relationship history in the contact sheet

Import contacts from other databases

Integrate CRM software with Freeway Document Server to insert attachments and access management documents (orders, estimates, accounting documents)

Manage order entries in a simple and intuitive way

Integrate the CRM to the Freeway Business Intelligence and access the reporting functions


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