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With our customized Industry 4.0 projects, you can afford to optimize production processes and make your company a Smart Factory

Digitization and Industry 4.0

Eurosystem helps companies determined to remain competitive in the market by supporting their digitization process, creating projects and solutions, and offering them specialized consultancy.

Digitize and save: Our 4.0 solutions are part of the “Capital Goods Investment Tax Credit” incentive dedicated to all businesses. Do you want to develop and implement your project? Save 20% to 50% in technology investments and make the most of the support of our qualified staff in subsidized finance.

Choose the Eurosystem branded solutions:

Freeway® Skyline ERP software
management software for medium and large companies


Freeway® MES
software for managing and collecting production data


APS PlanetTogether
production planning and scheduling software


the flexible, scalable, and economical solution for data acquisition from production lines.


The new frontier on industry 4.0

I-NAPSY 4.0 made by Eurosystem Group

The I-NAPSY architecture represents Eurosystem’s solution in EDGE computing: an integrated, complete and innovative platform where measurement data produced by production machines (Field Level) converge, which are pre-filtered and analyzed on-site, used locally to manage quality control and processing status, and then are diverted through an IToverOT component to local MES, APS, Management systems or, indifferently, sent directly to higher levels of BI management, Analytics and more, including in the Cloud. All with persistence and resilience characteristics of production data. IT brought to the side of every machine or production line, protected and secure, capable of real-time sensor management, but also capable of supporting management software. All-In-One.

Why “I-NAPSY 4.0?”

Synapses are the points of contact between two nerve cells and are used to propagate nerve impulses. This image inspired the brand because its concept perfectly represents bEDGE, a solution that connects industrial machines exactly as synapses do with nerve cells. 4.0 represents an “evolved” synapse, which connects the machines but also allows them to dialogue and analyze the progress.
The colors identifying the new project are blue, the color of the Business Applications business unit, and orange, already identifying Eurosystem Group.
The logo maintains the typical Eurosystem logo and its Y to ensure maximum coordination.

Choose I-NAPSY 4.0 to:

Obtain information on possible optimizations of the production process

Correlate the acquired data

Consult the analysis of deviations from the expected targets

Check the product's quality and traceability

Carry out a punctual analysis of industrial costs

Create predictive models

What does I-NAPSY 4.0 look like?

I-NAPSY 4.0 consists of two independent but connected components:

I-NAPSY EDGEis the architecture for real-time data acquisition from Industry 4.0 and non-industry 4.0 machines. Having received the machine data (machine status, processing times, stand-by times, processed pieces, consumption, etc.), I-NAPSY proceeds with the real-time analysis, implementing control and feedback logic.

I-NAPSY EDGE then forwards the data to the IToverOT layer, where it is consolidated and made persistent and where the process control and industrial cyber security applications are executed, highlighting the progress of the production processes with dashboards and graphics.

Finally, the data gets transferred to the layer where high-level on-premise applications run or forwarded directly to the cloud for Business Intelligence services.

I-NAPSY DAK is the software that enables the gradual elimination of surveys reported on paper documents by reducing manual data entries and consequently limiting the errors of manual compilation. A solution designed for production process control and management, I-NAPSY DAK monitors and generates real-time data to ensure perfect control over the production progress.

With I-NAPSY DAK, you will equip yourself with a scalable, modular, and customizable technology that allows the operator to check his work orders and access information for progress, technical drawings, and/or title blocks.

Thanks to the adaptable layout, the application is perfectly usable from the machine station, tablets and smartphones.

Our convergence of solutions for the digitization of your production processes


+ I-NAPSY 4.0

+ I-NAPSY 4.0




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