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Software 4.0 is the right solution designed for companies wanting to digitize to remain competitive in the market thanks to tailor-made technologies.

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What is software 4.0 for, and how can it digitize production?

To date, for manufacturing companies, there is no greater challenge than that represented by the digitization of production processes. Digitizing implies a radical transformation often summarized under the name of Industry 4.0, which makes it necessary not only to “computerize” the production lines but also to lead the company toward the innovation of processes, methods, and business approaches.

To win the digitalization challenge, companies have to collect and process data from production machines and use them as the starting point for every strategic business decision.

The automatic and real-time processing within business management applications (CRP, MRP, ERP, MES, and HMI software) or Business Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance, and Analytics tools allow you to have a realistic overview of the progress of the production (with analysis of performance, actual production capacity, any production anomalies, etc.) and obtain the calculation of industrial costs.

The Freeway® MES system _ Freeway® MES is a web application for managing and collecting production data. The Freeway® Manufacturing Execution System integrates with the Freeway® Skyline management system and factory systems to detect real-time production progress by monitoring orders, operators, and machines. With Freeway® MES, you will be able to synchronize the warehouse, perform productivity and performance analyses, calculate OEE and final costs, track all factory activities performed by company resources, and integrate the various elements or modules of the Supply-Chain.

The companies that have chosen Freeway® MES have already observed significant improvements in manufacturing performance and reductions in time to market, cycle times, data entry activities, WIP, and lead times.
Are you looking for a tool to support you in the qualitative and quantitative production analysis? Then, you are looking for Freeway® MES.

Choose the Freeway® MES system to:

Measure the value of interest concerning the individual internal production processes

Control internal operational processes

Manage strategic decisions

Collect data in real-time

Identify in time the areas of suffering or stagnation of the system

Integrate trends and procedures in real-time

Eliminate paper documentation

APS PlanetTogether _ PlanetTogether is an APS software for production planning and scheduling which, bearing in mind machines, personnel, equipment, and finite capacity warehouse constraints, quickly creates accurate production plans. As a next step, APS Planet Together synchronizes and makes all orders, resources, and inventory changes available for you to see. With Planet Together, you will allow multiple users to work simultaneously and use the advanced scheduling features of the software for the management of overlaps, storage constraints, and customized constraints. On the basis of real and/or hypothetical planning, you can also quickly predict the results!

Choose PlanetTogether software to:

Check factory planning and production

Limit the production lead-time

Reduce inventory (WIP), overtime, and SAL update themes

Make production plans and delivery dates more reliable

Plan the management of critical production constraints in a multifunctional way

Get accurate forecasts on resources, timing, and impact of activities

Monitorare in tempo reale gli indicatori di performance


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