9 November 2022 | Uqido, Padua

Cyber Security is on trend: and you? | Padua, 9 November 2022

The exclusive Cyber Security event was held at the prestigious Uqido company headquarters in Padua on 09/11/2022

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Did you know that ransomware attacks increased by more than 140% in the third quarter of 2021 alone?

To help you identify the most suitable Cyber Security process for your reality, the Eurosystem Group, in collaboration with its technological partners (B-For, Commvault, Cybereason, Cyberoo, Fortinet, Netwrix, Nozomi, OVR, Proofpoint) continues the tour of exclusive events in prestigious locations.


We will see how cybercriminals can use OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques to aggregate personal and/or corporate data to carry out social engineering attacks.

We will analyze the main IT threats (malware, ransomware, 0day & co) to learn what we’re facing and be ready to defend ourselves.


The exclusive event in Cyber Security will be held at the prestigious Uqido company headquarters in Padua on 09/11/2022.

The event will start at 18.00 with a welcome drink.

At the end of the Experience Talk, guests will be able to explore the topics in depth by participating in the “one-to-one meeting with the expert” of each technological partner.

At the end of the event at 8 p.m. there will follow apericena within the structure.


Introducing the evening and leading us into the Tech world will be Pier Mattia Avesani, CEO of Uqido. Pier Mattia will tell about who Uqido is, through the description of an Emerging Technologies Report, produced by the company.

Giuseppe Milan, director general of Assindustria Venetocentro, will bring his greetings afterwards.

Among the speakers who will develop the themes of the event will be:

  • Nicola Bosello, Chairman & Sales Director of Eurosystem SpA
  • Massimo Bosello, Chairman & ICT Projects and Services Director
  • Athos Cauchioli, Ethical Hacker
  • Carlo Rossi, Managing Partner di CRConsultingnet Srl
  • Andrea Gazzola, CEO di B-For
  • Jacopo Campana, CGN Services Information Systems Manager
  • Some of our customers will speak about their experience in Cyber Security including companies Carron SpA AND Breton SpA

The event is hosted and moderated by Alice Mattelloni, directly from the Udinese TV Digital Goal broadcast created by Eurosystem.

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