La Cybersecurity è in trend, e tu? Le competenze del Gruppo Eurosystem al servizio della Cybersecurity aziendale

Why invest in cybersecurity? Why not doing so could be costly!

The costs of an attack

  • Production stoppages (loss of money)
  • Recovery time (loss of money)
  • Loss of Confidential Information (data breach)
  • Civil Liabilities
  • Image damage (loss of money)

Key Email Phishing Statistics 2022

  • 3,4 miliardi phishing e-mails are sent worldwide every day;
  • About 94% of cyber attacks occur through e-mail;
  • Phishing causes about 90% of data breaches;
certified ethical hacker​
cybersecurity specialist​
cybersecurity analyst
cybersecurity incidents handler​
cybersecurity threat hunter

Security Awareness

Increasingly, over the past few years, cybersecurity is playing a key role. Hackers have moved from attacking infrastructure to specifically targeting people and businesses. In fact, cybercriminals have realized that, for the same complexity, a Phishing attack is much more profitable.

All employees in any organization deal with a large amount of data every day and use IT and digital tools that businesses make available to them.

Security Awareness: what is our model?

Eurosystem Group offers a training and Security Awareness service to enable companies to educate their employees on Security issues with respect to information processing and the use of IT devices.

In fact, the Group’s Cybersecurity specialists have designed an ad hoc curriculum designed to increase the awareness of each individual user and monitor their progress so as to calibrate training based on feedback and needs.

Cyber Analisys

User Control

Data control

Network control

Endpoint control


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