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Cyber Analysis as first step toward IT security.

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The importance of identifying risks with Cyber Analysis

When it comes to Cyber Security, companies need to understand where and how to invest their economic resources.

Are you looking for a way to identify and avoid IT security risks linked to human, technological, and procedural slip-ups? Eurosystem Group’s services range from Cyber Security Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, and Phishing Assessment to OSINT & Social Engineering.

Our specialized team will help you prevent IT damage and support you with an incident management service in case your company has been attacked. This last service aims at further investigating the damage and preventing it from happening again.

The Cyber Analysis service includes preventive analysis. The goal is to identify those areas that can be improved with the right tools and technologies.

Cyber Security Assessment _ through CIS Framework controls, we identify security gaps in the infrastructure design and in corporate procedures concerning recognized frameworks such as NIST and ISO 27001

Phishing Assessment _ we test user behavior and ability to manage and assess risk by sending a simulated phishing e-mail

Vulnerability Assessment _ we scan all corporate IP addresses in search of open ports with the related exposed services. Having enumerated the vulnerabilities with the relative CVEs, we move on to suggesting remediation activities to be carried out to resolve the risk.

Penetration test _ we carry out targeted penetration tests using a PenTester on services hosted on specific Hosts following a VA. These tests require known, unknown, and/or ad-hoc purchased standard exploiting techniques.

OSINT _ we identify attack areas that can be exploited by cybercriminals to harvest sensitive information


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