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Innovative threat protection starts with network control.

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Security event management

Are you sure that data traffic within your company is not malicious? Eurosystem Group provides services and solutions designed to help companies have maximum control over the network. Innovative threat protection to achieve security event management, visibility, and defense, all in real-time.

SIEM _ the solution that allows you to collect and centralize the logs and events generated by networked applications and systems. The ideal answer to help your security analysts save time on further investigations of security alarms and incidents.

MDR _ The monitoring, detection, and response service provided 24/7 by Eurosystem’s team of Cyber Security analysts to actively and proactively respond to any threats.

E-mail Protection _ the systems that check incoming and outgoing e-mails to block any malicious attachments and links. In fact, with e-mail protection solutions, you will protect your company by identifying and stopping the most widespread e-mail threats like malware, ransomware, phishing, spare phishing, and BEC in the bud.

XGen Firewell _ the solutions that secure corporate networks by monitoring network traffic through IPS modules (Intrusion Prevention System), IDS (Intrusion Detection System), sandboxing, UTM, and URL filtering services.

Industrial Security _ the advent of the Industry 4.0 has given hackers new possibilities to infiltrate the latest and smartest industrial technologies. This transformation led to an increasingly extensive convergence between the systems that govern industrial technologies and critical infrastructures and those of traditional IT, highlighting the importance of so-called Industrial Security. Thanks to our partners, we are able to provide you with solutions that allow you to monitor and secure your OT, IoT, IIoT, IT, edge, and cloud resources.


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