Design Review in AR and VR

Design review software in augmented and virtual reality is an innovative solution that combines prototyping and business meetings, offering the ability to co-design industrial applications. The tool enables professionals to visualize and interact with three-dimensional models in an immersive virtual environment, accessible on different platforms via VR, AR or desktop viewers. Users can explore models in detail, evaluate the design from different angles, make annotations and share feedback, facilitating collaboration and accelerating decision-making.  

The software offers advanced features, including creating sections and viewing detailed exploded views of the 3D model under review. These features allow users to examine the interior of the model, locate hidden details and evaluate the internal structure. With intuitive controls, users can isolate specific parts, remove sections and analyze component interaction, helping to identify potential issues and improve overall design, even without prior knowledge of CAD software. 

Strategic advantages




Stakeholders can examine internal details and component interactions through sections and exploded views, enabling more informed design decisions and reducing the risk of costly errors.  

Augmented reality simplifies the quality control process. Engineers can view instructions and measurements directly superimposed on the objects to be inspected, speeding up the entire inspection process

Identifying and resolving potential problems during the design review phase can prevent costly future corrections during production or implementation

The virtual environment facilitates collaboration among geographically dispersed teams and stakeholders, enabling them to review the 3D model simultaneously and share feedback in real time. Exploded views and sections help explain complex design aspects in a visual and intuitive way, improving understanding between technical and non-technical teams.  

Visualization through immersive technologies accelerates the review process, allowing users to examine more details in less time and improving overall efficiency.

The ability to examine hidden details and evaluate the interaction of components helps detect and resolve defects, improving the quality of the final product. 

Virtual reality visualization reduces the need for physical prototypes and field tests, accelerating design and validation processes. By reducing the need for physical prototypes and testing, the company can help reduce the environmental impact associated with wasted resources. 

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