Operation and Maintenance Manual in augmented reality

An Operation and Maintenance Manual in augmented reality is an advanced tool for the industry, integrating crucial instructions on operation and maintenance by overlaying them with the real world in a contextual manner. Users access the app via smartphone or tablet, using the camera to view instructions, icons and virtual guides, accurately positioned in 3D space based on object volume recognition

By pointing the device at an object, the app displays animations, text, and videos related to assembly, use, and maintenance, ensuring a clear and intuitive understanding of procedures. This innovative approach eliminates the need to consult a traditional manual, allowing users to frame the object with the device and select the desired action directly from the overlaid virtual interface. This immediate and spatially contextual process improves access to information, enhancing the effectiveness and convenience of the learning and use process, providing a concrete example of augmented reality in the context of Industry 4.0. This type of solution is ideal in both B2B and B2C environments. 

Strategic advantages




Augmented reality manuals offer an interactive and engaging experience. Users can manipulate instructions, view animations and information superimposed on the real object, improving understanding of procedures and reducing the likelihood of errors

Augmented reality enables users to learn through visual and hands-on experience. Operators can directly see how to perform procedures on a real object, facilitating learning and memorization of correct actions. 

Paper manuals can be subject to obsolescence and difficulty of access. Augmented reality manuals can be dynamically updated so that users always have the latest and correct information.

The adoption of digital manuals reduces the need for paper printing, contributing to a more sustainable approach to the environment, positively affecting the company’s ESG paremtri. This can improve corporate image and meet the needs of an increasingly environmentally sensitive public. In addition, the implementation of advanced technologies such as augmented reality demonstrates a commitment to innovation and the adoption of modern approaches to training and documentation, resulting in an improved corporate image for customers and business partners. 

Operators can quickly access the information they need, minimizing downtime and ensuring faster and more efficient technical support. 

Augmented reality manuals can be customized for different languages and regions, enabling international support for customers and operators

Augmented reality manuals can include safety instructions more effectively. Users can directly see how to handle devices safely, reducing the risk of accidents..

In the event of unexpected situations or last-minute changes in procedures, the software can be updated to provide additional or revised instructions to technicians in real time, ensuring appropriate response to emergency situations.

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