Quality Control in Augmented Reality 

The application of augmented reality for industrial quality control with AR glasses involves the use of visors overlaying digital information with the real world. During the quality control process, operators wear AR glasses, displaying patterns, instructions and data directly in their field of view. This information facilitates the detection of defects, comparison with quality standards and detailed monitoring.

Visual annotations improve inspection accuracy and efficiency, enabling operators to solve problems in real time, helping to maintain high quality standards in products or equipment. In addition, integration with Bluetooth measurement tools and 3D pattern recognition of AR glasses further simplify the process of product identification and verification. Augmented reality for Industry 4.0 revolutionizes quality control by improving the accuracy and connectivity of instruments.  

Strategic advantages




Integration with Bluetooth measuring instruments enables real-time data collection. This data is directly displayed in the augmented reality environment, eliminating potential transcription errors and increasing measurement accuracy.

Augmented reality simplifies the quality control process. Technicians can view instructions and measurements directly superimposed on the objects to be inspected, speeding up the entire inspection process.

Real-time visualization of measurement data enables constant monitoring of product performance and compliance. Any deviations can be detected immediately, allowing quick action to avoid waste or defects.

The software can record and archive all measurements taken, along with overlaid images of objects. This detailed documentation can be used as proof of compliance and to track quality over time. 

The ability to view instructions directly on the parts to be inspected, along with immediate measurements, reduces the time required for inspection. This results in increased efficiency and reduced production time.

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