A production... always on the mark!

A production... always on the mark!

Tecnoform is an Italian company that, since 1965, has been producing furniture components and solutions for the RV, Nautical and Luxury Furniture sectors;

the request

The great customisation of the product and the market’s pressing need for its orders to be processed in a short and certain time, led Tecnoform to invest in a project for production scheduling that would exploit advanced software, proposed by Eurosystem, which since 2017 has had a business division producing APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems;

“Before the introduction of this solution, Tecnoform, a family-run company, used the experience of its own people in implementing supply chain activities and exploited basic IT systems. But the evolution of products, the increase in volumes and the variability of requests no longer guaranteed secure responses to commitments made with customers and suppliers, and we had to continuously correct our programming,” explains Fabio Pellizzari, Plant Coordinator at Tecnoform;

In fact, ‘due to production delays and plant saturation, the company saw a lack of punctuality in deliveries and the loss of some sales, to which were added high costs and excessive overheads caused by an inability to manage changes to production standards. That’s why we helped Tecnoform, already in possession of a management system, to improve what was a deficient aspect, namely production planning, by equipping it with a PlanetTogether APS scheduler,” explains Stefano D’Incà, Account Manager Eurosystem;

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