Virtual reality for corporate training

Virtual reality for corporate training

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The virtual reality is anexperience immersive, accessible through special visors. Multiple people can participate in the same experience at the same time and can see each other, talk to each other, exploring environments by physically walking, interacting With all elements present. It is a simulation of reality with high visual as well as perceptual involvement.

Whether it is soft skills training or training for high-risk jobs, the added value of virtual reality is that it can reproduce any situation you want: from a conference room full of visitors to an oil rig.

The possibilities offered are unlimitedinteractive tutorials guiding the individual user through the operations to conduct the exercises independently, share the user’s view on external screens to show trainers and colleagues their experience.

Virtual reality can thus be used for both learning and verification, with multiple benefits already enjoyed by thousands of companies.


Virtual reality training can faithfully reproduce risky situations without any real danger. The degree of immersiveness of this technology makes it possible to retain all the sensations and emotions that would be felt during the real experience. An overhead repair, a fire, a breakdown on dangerous machinery are just a few examples that can be reproduced endlessly without any danger and without having to undergo costly and mandatory safety measures.


The reproducibility of the events, without the use of any consumables, makes it possible to offer extra training sessions where needed without added cost.


It often happens that incorrect operations are performed during training that can damage the equipment. In addition, the equipment itself is often supplied by the production department, and even if it is not rendered unserviceable due to an accident, its use generates downtime and thus a drop in productivity. All avoidable thanks to virtual reality.


The VR viewer's compact size and extreme ease of use make it the ideal tool to be used anywhere. You don't need to be in a particular environment, and all it takes is a couple of meters of free field in every direction to exploit the full potential of VR training.

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