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Virtual Reality Training for the National Research Council

Client: NRC – National Research Council

Project: Virtual Reality Simulator

Year: 2022

Technologies: Virtual reality with hand tracking on Oculus Quest 2

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THE CASE _ The objective of this project is the realisation of a simulator for the acquisition of the skills necessary for the operation, maintenance and testing of hazardous equipment in an immersive virtual environment, in particular steam generators. The simulator offers the advantage of active learning in a protected yet realistic environment through the use of virtual reality;

SOLUTION _ The simulator allows you to select a specific situation, or to generate new situations from simple CSV files containing the characteristics chosen for the exercise.

During the simulation, the user can read manuals in PDF format, complete a verification document and interact with the steam generator, whose behaviour is regulated by software in Matlab that simulates its actual physical operation;

To increase the immersiveness and realism of the simulation, interactions within the software take place using bare hands through hand tracking, i.e. without the aid of controllers;

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