Virtual Reality Training 

Virtual reality training represents a transformative learning approach that overcomes the limitations of traditional methodologies. Using advanced hardware and software, it creates realistic scenarios to immerse employees in immersive, hands-on simulations. This dynamic experience fosters deeper understanding, greater retention and more practical application of knowledge in real-world situations.  

The benefits of virtual reality training are significant, with high engagement through interactivity in virtual environments. This leads to greater concentration and a stronger emotional connection with the training material. Understanding of complex concepts becomes intuitive through hands-on experiences, while mistakes in the virtual environment provide opportunities for growth without consequence in the real world.

An additional advantage is the significant cost efficiency of virtual reality training. Compared with traditional methods that involve significant expenditures on travel, facilities, and materials, virtual reality makes it possible to reduce or cancel these costs while increasing the impact on learning outcomes. This approach not only reflects responsible resource management, but also ensures a high return on investment for corporate training initiatives.

Strategic advantages




Virtual reality training in business improves performance through hands-on experience in realistic scenarios. Active immersion increases retention (16 times more likely), thus preparing the  

participants more fully and effectively to face real challenges. Published research and metrics inferred from real-world use cases show that training timelines are reduced by 40% to 75% compared to traditional training, due in part to the fact that concentration is shown to be up to 4 times greater due to 3.75 times the emotional engagement of the user than traditional training. All this translates into training costs reduced by 30% to 70%, against increased confidence in the practical use of notions learned by 275%. The superior quality of learning, overall, means a reduction in working time lost to accidents by about 43%. 

With the ability to simulate and solve complex scenarios and critical situations in virtual environments, employees gain skills without disrupting operational activities and without the need to use real material resources. This ensures that staff are prepared to face real challenges in a timely and efficient manner, thus helping to keep production in constant flow and minimizing the negative impact on business processes and operating costs.  

The ability to simulate environments and situations without any direct involvement negates potential danger to operators, allowing them to learn in a safe and controlled environment. In addition, this methodology allows high-risk scenarios to be experienced without jeopardizing actual facilities, helping to preserve the integrity of facilities and the continuity of business operations

Using interactive virtual scenarios and automated guidance, participants can progress through the learning process independently. This flexibility allows individuals to adapt the pace of study to their own needs, making the training process highly personalized and reducing dependence on external human resources.

Thanks to the portability of immersive technologies, participants can access training sessions, with or without a proper connection. This geographic flexibility removes the limitations associated with being physically present in a particular location, enabling continuous and accessible learning that fits individual needs and corporate agendas. 


Use Case: example of real application


For the National Research Council, we developed virtual reality training software that accurately recreates the operation of a steam generator, also taking advantage of interaction with a Matlab module. This solution represents a milestone in training, allowing both inspectors and operators of such steam generators to be trained in a virtually realistic environment. In addition to serving as a training tool, the software offers the ability to actually evaluate the skills acquired, taking advantage of the total immersion of virtual reality. The level of involvement and immersion is further amplified by the direct use of hands, without the need for controllers. 

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