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A modular suite of immersive business tools

Y-Digital Experience is the first complete immersive business ecosystem for the digital transformation of your company.
The system includes several modules: a 3d configurator with virtual reality support, a multi-user virtual reality environment, a smartphone configurator in realer Größe und a content management interface (CMS) to manage content.
The modularity and comprehensiveness of Y-Digital Experience allow the software to adapt perfectly to the needs of your company, from SME to multinational.


The 3d PC configurator allows you to view a product set, view it from every possible angle and change every aspect of it: color, material, add accessories and replace parts. The 3d PC configurator is perfect in showroom or in the fairs, where the user experience is critical to the success of the pre-sales and sales phase. The 3d PC configurator supports Touchscreens, multiple screens, and virtual reality viewers. The software also offers multiuser: a salesperson, even physically in a different location, can wear a visor and be represented by an avatar in the virtual showroom, interacting with the user by talking, gesturing and configuring the product with him. At the end of the experience, a PDF is generated and sent which constitutes a Brochure personalisiert, die das so konfigurierte Produkt enthält.


Using virtual reality viewers, even without the use of a PC, the multi-user environment allows employees and collaborators to generate virtual rooms for meetings, Design Reviews, design thinking sessions, and anything else that normally requires in-person meetings, without giving up the feeling of co-presence. Using our proprietary RealityLink technology, users can talk, listen to others, gesture and interact with 3d objects in the room. It is possible to write on blackboards, draw in 3d space by taking notes directly on objects or edit them. Companies with locations in different physical locations, for example, will be able to have meetings similar to in-person meetings, show 3d models, and interact with other people without sacrificing presence.


The 3d configurator for smartphone consists of an App for iOS and Android devices that allows users to observe products, interact with them and configure them with the simplicity of use of a commonly used device. Once the configuration is finished, the autogenerated PDF with all the features of the chosen product, or purchase it directly from a e-commerce connected. Thanks to the most advanced augmented reality, you can also see the product configured directly in the real room, as if it were actually there.


The CMS is the truly revolutionary module of Y-Digital Experience. Thanks to our proprietary RealityLink technology, the client is the sole owner of the platform. Installed on premise and without depending on third-party services, the CMS allows upload, edit and delete content across the entire platform. From the interface it is possible to insert new products by uploading 3d models and Textur, define their features and accessibility. In this way, the platform owner will be totally autonomous in content management, lowering costs.


Y-Digital Experience, like all our software, are developed in-house and allow the most total customization. The interfaces, the graphics, the ambientations 3d and the functionality can be designed, developed, and extended at the customer's request, adding specific features to meet the unique needs that all companies have and for which commercial software is a compromise.

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